Approximately 90% of All Breast Cancers are Environmentally-Caused

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Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., Says These Breast Cancers Can Be Avoided or Preempted

Technology, Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes are the Keys

May 30, 2008, North Palm Beach, FL- Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center -Women’s genes are bathed in their environment. Changing the environment can alter the expression of modifiable genes, which in turn can allow a woman to avoid or preempt environmentally-caused breast cancers. Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center Founder Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., states, “A woman’s genes need not be her destiny. Some genes are modifiable through the combination of technology, nutrition and lifestyle changes. These are the genes women’s health care plans should focus upon.”

The technology component is a laboratory test which identifies single nucleotide polymorphisms (“SNPs”, mercifully pronounced snips). SNPs indicate to a trained physician a woman’s genetic susceptibility to developing an environmentally-caused breast cancer. Based on the identity of the SNPs, physicians such as Dr. Bieley develop a customized medical care plan to alter the expression of the abnormal genes. Altering the expression of the genes can result in the avoidance or preemption of environmentally-caused breast cancer. Dr. Bieley commented, “It is unconscionable that the popular media and many medical professionals talk only of treating and curing cancer. There ought to be public education about preempting and avoiding the approximate 90% of all breast cancers which are environmentally-caused.”

Useful tools for altering a gene’s expression are through dietary enhancements and nutritional supplementation. Dietary supplementation is used to increase good estrogen metabolites (breakdown products) or decrease bad estrogen. Estrogen balance in women is also a major component in the avoidance and preemption of environmentally-caused breast cancer. A diet rich in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, broccoli sprouts, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards and Bok Choy has demonstrated a 50% to 75% elevation in the good metabolism of estrogen.

Dr. Bieley remarks, “Lifestyle changes are the final piece of the puzzle. Women must make good lifestyle choices. Making tough choices, changing detrimental behavior and sticking to that plan, such as reducing alcohol consumption, increasing antioxidants in an antioxidant-poor diet, ingesting dietary fiber and lignins (found in flax seeds and beans), reducing high blood sugar and increasing phytonutrients, are essential to changing the expression of modifiable genes to prevent and preempt environmentally-caused breast cancers.” Obesity greatly effects how the body metabolizes estrogen. Moderate exercise, a diet high in cruciferous vegetables and appropriate dietary supplements including Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) or DIM, Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA), Vitamins B-6, B-12 and Folate, Calcium D-Glucarate, SAMe, and supplements that increase glutathione, greatly reduce the likelihood a woman will develop an environmentally-induced breast cancer.

Researchers have identified fifty chemicals that imitate estrogen. These are called xenoestrogens. They are toxic to a woman’s body. Sources of xenoestrogens are pesticides, food microwaved in cellophane, synthetic hormones fed to animals, plastics (such as soft plastic water bottles) and cosmetics. Avoiding these xenoestrogens is a positive lifestyle change. “The bottom line for women today is to recognize the dangers in the environment in which they live and how they need to alter it. These are huge factors in reducing their genetic susceptibility to developing environmentally-caused breast cancer.” Dr. Bieley continued, “Focusing on treatments and cures is insufficient. A woman’s focus must also encompass prevention and reducing toxic exposure.”

The journey to changing a woman’s environment and thereby her modifiable genes’ expressions begins with proper laboratory testing. Only after conducting laboratory testing can physicians such as Dr. Bieley create a customized medical and wellness plan that incorporates the appropriate nutrition and lifestyle changes. Dr. Bieley’s advice: “Start today. The polluted environment is running at breakneck speed against women’s health.”

Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., is the founding physician and President of Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center. The purpose of Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center is to assist people of all ages in improving their overall health and vitality so that they can function higher physically, mentally, and where age appropriate, sexually. This is accomplished through the use of medicine, nutrition, technology and lifestyle interventions. For more information on Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center, contact Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., at (561) 842-7422 or visit their website at

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