Chronic Stress leading to Adrenal Fatigue
Become Stress Resilient!

Chronic Stress leading to Adrenal Fatigue<br>Become Stress Resilient!Chronic, unremitting stress colors your world and affects many aspects of your life. We can help you become stress resilient. Resilience: ‘An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.’ Merriam-Webster . We can help you become more resilient to handle the vicissitudes of life.

When your stress hormones like cortisol don’t function properly they adversely affect your other hormones, your immune system, your sleep and your ability to function in the world. In short, it impairs your life! “We are a primitive nervous system in a modern world. People break really quick.” Dr. James LaValle

Dr. Bieley uses a combination of medicine, nutrition, technology, and lifestyle changes to support you in becoming more resilient. Adrenal fatigue is a functional issue where you don’t have Addison’s Disease (your body does not make cortisol), but you don’t function normally either!  Adrenal fatigue is a decreased functional state where you don’t know what is important in your life any more, thinking is not clear, your sex drive has driven off, your memory has changed significanly, you feel light-headed standing up, you feel depressed, you don’t feel well after physical exercise (if you even have energy to exercise at all!), you don’t really feel awake until after 9am, your best moments of the day are after the early evening meal, you crave salt or salty foods. Sound like you? Call us, we can help you repair ‘burn out’ and regain the vitality you once had.

The adrenals don’t break, but they may take from weeks to months to over a year to repair. Cortisol and the thyroid hormone go hand-in-hand. If your adrenals are not working properly, you can not convert the thyroid hormone, T-4 into the active thyroid hormone, T-3 normally. We help patients with their thyroid (metabolism regulator) and their adrenal glands. Adrenal fatigue is pervasive in our society and is sorely under appreciated, under diagnosed, and not well treated.

This is a mainstay in our practice and we have vast experience to make you stress resilient and help you to rebuild your adrenal glands, so that you handle the stresses of life. You can not ‘get away’ from stress. No stress means no life. Life is stressful, but it does not have to be overwhelming. You will end up finding your own solutions for stress, but we can help with the biological end of ‘stress management’, so that you manage stress successfully, Here is a good guide: Read this. 

New thoughts: Caring creates resilience. The hormone Oxytocin helps regulate stress, and may be cardioprotective.Watch video.

We are trying to re-regulate and mediate epi/nor epi. (stress neurotransmitter) as we can get endothelial dysfunction.  Beet crystals, aged garlic extract, magnesium and BPC-157 can be used to rejuvenate endothelium (drop blood pressure!) and increase nitric oxide to relax endothelium. We must correct excesssive free cortisol.The peptide BPC-157 also effects neurotranmitters that affect stress, anxiety, mood and behavior.

Is this you? Many patients health concerns are: increased stress, over committments, mind not as sharp as it can be, decreased restorative sleep. 

Stress, Memory, Aging, and Happiness!

Stress, Memory and Aging. Lecture by Sonia Lupien, Ph.D.. Watch this first. Very good!!! Question and Answer Session: Second video. Also, check out Mammoth Magazine which discusses how socio-economic status affects our health.

Click here In addition to the, “Stress-don’t go N.U.T.S.”, pneumonic discussed in the first video, there are two other situations that can initiate a stress response (not included in the pneumonic): anticipation of negative consequences, and ambiguous situations. I guess a new pneumonic is needed to include these two, but don’t stress and go nuts about it!

Grounding as a way to decrease stress in your body. You can lay on the ground or use a special sheet in your bed where you lay your legs on top of this sheet: lowers cortisol, a stress hormone and helps the heart. See Dr. Sinatra’s video. Finally, I want to discuss  the one thing missing in all of this. It is the topic of HAPPINESS. Here is are some interesting videos about  HAPPINESS and I’m not talking about the Ken Keys books that were around  in the 1970’s (although I did enjoy them and derived value from them). Watch video. Watch this video second. Albert Schweitzer once said, “I don’t know  what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve”.  Schweitzer was partially correct, but there is more to it than that. . The Zen master said, “Happiness, I don’t want it”.  Our hankering for happiness implies that we come from a ground of being that we are not happy.

A 75 year old Harvard study and happiness reveals: 1) GOOD RELATIONSHIPS KEEP US HAPPIER AND HEATHIER, 2) SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS ARE REALLY GOOD FOR US 3) LONELINESS KILLS. What makes a good life? Watch video Mark Twain once said, “There isn’t time, so brief is life, for bickering, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that.”

Here to discuss  the topic of wellness and vitality is Landon Carter. Landon is a rara avis, a rare bird, a precious person who languages aspects of being so that listeners gets it.  I present to you, Landon: Watch video.

End of life — Hospice care. Early Hospice care provides a better quality of life for end of life care. Watch video Geoff Galbraith, MD, is a hero of mine. He is well worth your valuable attention.