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The greatest threat to human beings is to not recognize danger in time. Most disease is silent and is not known about until it rears its ugly head. Take a proactive approach to your health.

Gene testing may give insights and offer hope

Gene test results are the clarion call, the jarring gong of reality that allows you to know what cards you have been dealt in the ‘card game of life’ so that you can play the hand that you have been dealt better. The information provided by gene testing allows you to take specific and targeted action to prevent or preempt illness, disease or cancer, and importantly, function better so you can experience a better quality of life.

Have you gone to multiple doctors who can not figure out what is wrong with you? If you have never felt well, if you have mental illness and the medicines do not help, we may be able to help. If you have a child with autism, we may be able to help. Gene testing may give insights and offer hope. Yes, there are things we can do to modify the expression of those genes. ‘

NEW: We now review 23 and Me gene test results, DNA methylation panels, and plasma methylation panels with our patients.

This practice does not ‘treat snips’, per se. Dr. Bieley is not a, ‘pill mill’ for snips. He looks at your overall health (to get the big picture), and together, we look at how these genes are affecting you. In a real-world context, Dr. Bieley then suggests that you detoxify first and eat right before treatments of these SNP’s occur, so that you can function better. This differs from, “Precision Medicine” in that we look at the context of how you are functioning in relation to the abnormal genes to see how the abnormal genes (called snips, ie, single nucleotide polymorphisms) are expressing themselves. We don’t just look at numbers or gene test results in a vacuum. We look at you, the patient, and see how your symptoms are affecting your life and then along with the gene snips, customize a treatment plan based upon all the available information. Put another way, we look at symptoms and health issues in light of genetics/SNPs. Symptoms are the intersection of SNPs and lifestyle, so lifestyle/exposures are important to consider when understanding SNP expression.

Here are fascinating insights into the biology and genetics of aging

Here are fascinating insights into the biology and genetics of aging

The methylation cycle is fundamental part of the bodys metabolism that is present in every cell, without which they could not function. Methylation helps to regulate the expression of genes, and the methylation cycle also regulates the entire sulfur metabolism in the body. Sulfur-containing substances are particularly important for the detoxification, immune, and antioxidant systems.’

We are now offering several companies gene tests: Genova Diagnostics (see below), Doctor’s Data that has methylation testing and testing geared towards Autism Spectral Disorder, and 23&Me for overview gene testing. Most important, if you do 23&Me you will need MTHFR Support Variant Report to make sense of the numbers. Learn how to do this here.

Now, the truth is that MTHFR mutations are not strong enough by themselves to cause many of the problems. It’s a necessity, but not causation. You need triggering events (such as vaccines, infection, environmental exposures, trauma, surgery, emotional issues) and then propagation of the disorder (inability to resolve the metabolic deficiency or inflammatory state) to have deleterious effects. The genetic inefficiencies seem to only affect the recovery and severity of the symptom. They do not affect the triggering mechanism. The real trigger and propagator is oxidative stress. Testing and targeted treatments are available for a better quality of life. This is not about covering up symptoms. It’s about getting to the heart of the issue that may be adversely affecting your life.”The functions of folate in human physiology are relatively simple, but the implications of of their activity (and dysfunction) can be profound and far reaching.” Stargrove, et al., and Ben Lynch, ND.

If you have MTHFR mutations, you not only need to take a small amount of L-methylfolate and a special type of vitamin B12, you also need to incorporate lifestyle modifications.

Here are some ideas shared by Dr. Ben Lynch:

To understand sulfation and how the process is influenced by oxylate, a good working knowledge of nutrition is essential. This is where the genes and nutrition intersect. Read article: Understanding Sulfation and oxylates.

Our genomic testing encompasses:

The CardioGenomic test uncovers genetic susceptability to: high cholesterol risk, obesity, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease,heat attack, stroke, abnormal blood clotting, endothelial dysfunction. The ramifications of mutations in genes plus the lack of methylation or undermethylation combined appears to be more significant than each individually.

Currently, 1 in 7 women will develop breast cancer during the course of her lifetime. Since the vast majority of breast cancers are environmental, we can look to see how estrogen is metabolized. Based upon test results specific nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes are recommended that can greatly reduce your risk of developing a breast cancer. We also offer chlorinated pesticides testing as pesticides have been linked to breast cancer. The EstroGenomic test includes the CardioGenomic test and the OsteoGenomic test. A great overall value. In lieu of doing the complete test, if you only wish to look at genes that relate to estrogen metabolism, we offer this test at a much reduced price.

Approximately 20% of US patients are on five or more drugs a day. About 100,000 Americans die from adverse reactions to medicines each year. Deaths from prescribed drugs in hospitals is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States (Lazarou). David Kessler, former FDA chief, said in JAMA that a maximum of 1-5% of adverse medication effects gets reported to the FDA. Why are these drug reactions happening? The DetoxiGenomic test looks to answer this question and provide recommendations to prevent adverse drug reactions and can potentially save your life. Knowing which drugs you are going to have a problem with, can potentially save your life.

The ImmunoGenomic test looks at genes that modulate immune function and inflammation in your body. The test uncovers potential genetic susceptability to: asthma, certain cancers, infectious diseases, arthritis, heart disease, an infection that causes stomach ulcers, autoimmune diseases, allergy, bone inflammation, bone loss, and inflammatory bowel disease.

The NeuroGenomic test uncovers potential genetic susceptability to: mood disorders, detoxification capacity, developmental issues, neurodegenerative disorders

Other Laboratory Testing

In addition to blood work, Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center uses a multitude of other laboratory tests in our diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

Genova Diagnostics, The Optimal Nutrition Evaluation (ONE), and the NutrEval, GI Effects, many gene tests, saliva testing of hormones, adrenals, melatonin testing; and environmental toxins testing

RBC membrane Fatty Acid testing through the Kennedy Kreiger Lab at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Body Bio, which offers the most comprehensive evaluation of fatty acids in the world

Oxford testing for food sensitivities

Real Time Labs for mold mycotoxins testing

Cyrex Labs for testing of autoimmune issues and many aspects related to wheat/gliadin, leaky gut testing, autoimmune issues and more

Doctor’s Data for toxic heavy metals, and DNA testing for the methylation pathways, and plasma methylation pathway testing

ZRT labs for saliva hormone testing and Iodine testing, adrenals, and more

Rhein Labs for 24-hour urine testing for hormone metabolism

We offer esoteric, but essential, laboratory testing that helps identify root causes of illness.

What’s the big deal about celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity? Because if you have it, you have a 10 fold increase in the incidence of autoimmune disease (where the body attacks itself). (Cell Mol Lif Sci;2005, 62:791-799). To address this issue, we are now using Cyrex Laboratory to identify problems of leaky gut/dysbiosis, Celiac Disease and can help determine if you are on your way to an autoimmune disease BEFORE it occurs. Autoimmune disease is the third leading disorder in the USA and in the world. (Aristo Vojdani, Ph.D.; A4M Conference, Las Vegas, NV, Dec 2012). This information then allows us to take action to preempt an autoimmune disease from happening, restore the intestinal barrier, and identify where the issue is in your body to be addressed. Similar to environmental toxins, wheat has been shown to have an endocrine disruptor effect, elevating prolactin. View here.

Red blood cell membrane fatty acids testing by the Kennedy Kreiger Institute. This test provides the most comprehensive evaluation of fatty acids in the world. The results of this testing lead to useful and effective treatments for various chronic diseases and neuropsychiatric conditions. Ed Kane at Body Bio said, ‘Essential fatty acids are the life of the membrane of every cell in the body including the neurons of the brain. They control every bodily function including the blink of an eye, the wiggle of a toe, even our flickering thoughts.’ (See Body Bio website in Nutrition Section).

Brain fitness starts with membrane fitness

Environmental Medicine Lab Testing:

Toxic Heavy Metals testing

Toxic heavy metals have been shown to interrupt normal hormone functioning, deplete nutrients, and (as the name implies) are toxic to your body. Once identified, they can be removed through chelation, a process that binds these metals and pulls them out of your system.

Another example: Lead interfers with the neurotransmitter GABA by increasing Glutamate. Lead interfers with heme synthesis which leads to anemia, lowers B-12 levels, lowers tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) levels which lower neurotansmitters Serotonin and Dopamine. We have learned that there is no safe Lead level! Elevated Glutamate even with low levels of mercury leads to nerve damage. Thus, toxic heavy metals have synergistic deleterious effects, meaning the effects of two toxic heavy meals are not just double trouble but can be a multiplying effect of 10 or 100 fold increase in deleterious effects. Here is a ‘White Paper’ from Doctor’s Data on metal implants from dental and orthopaedic proceedures.

Get sick indoors and feel when you leave a building? We offer testing Total Mycotoxins Testing for mold issues. We also offer testing for Phthalates, Volative Solvents, Pesticides and more.

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