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A man in a wheelchair under the porte cochere:

How the smoker’s supplement replacement product came into being I was a junior year medical student in 1991 at the University of Miami School of Medicine and had just finished early for the day. Amazingly, a low work- load over for an internal medicine rotation at the Vah-Spa (a nick

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Click here. Glutathione Level Testing October 2009-NEW-Glutathione level testing. Glutathione is nature’s master anti-oxidant. We now offer testing to check your level. Glutathione replenishment therapy is used for various disease states including: Tylenol overdose,ALS, Autism spectral disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, COPD, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, heavy metal toxicity, HIV,

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Industry News and Important Information:

Hand-held monitor for early detection of Breast Cancer: View here. EMF exposure on airplanes: Airline rankings. View here POISON CONTROL TELEPHONE HELP: 1-800-222-1222 How environmental toxins affect your THYROID. View here. ReWalk. Paraplegics can now leave the confines of their wheelchairs and literally walk away for good! Watch video. Dr.

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Your Brain is Your Most Important Asset

June 19, Juno Beach, FL- As part of a Community Networking event to promote pro-active health management, Floridian Community Bank sponsored a talk on Brain Fitness and Executive Stress Management by Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., of the Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center last week at their branch office in

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Approximately 90% of All Breast Cancers are Environmentally-Caused

Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., Says These Breast Cancers Can Be Avoided or Preempted Technology, Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes are the Keys May 30, 2008, North Palm Beach, FL- Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center -Women’s genes are bathed in their environment. Changing the environment can alter the expression of modifiable

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Testosterone Deficiency an Under Diagnosed Reality Facing Countless Men Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., Calls Testosterone Replacement Critical to Quality of Life

“Testosterone-What Makes Men – Men” April 17, 2008, North Palm Beach, FL-Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center Founder Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., says countless men are testosterone deficient and few know it. Testosterone levels gradually decline as a man ages, decreasing approximately 1.5 percent per year after age 30. The

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Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., Calls Stress Management a Useless Phrase Extinguishing the Symptoms of Chronic Stress Takes Much More Relief Achieved Through Combination of Medicine, Nutrition, Technology and Lifestyle Interventions March 7, 2008, North Palm Beach, FL-Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center Founder Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., says “stress management”

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All about Glutathione – nature’s master antioxidant: American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: Articles on health and wellbeing: Environmental Working Group for environmental toxicity in foods, cosmetics, cell phone radiation levels and more: Florida Council on Aging: Food- pesticide and contaminant residues in our food supply

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