Sexual Enhancement

Sexual Enhancement
“A hemi-section drawing of a man and a woman in the act of coition” – Leonardo Da’ Vinci
“Taken by Dr. Bieley, Ambois, FR”

Re-ignite your sexuality, powerfully.

Many people just accept a decline of their sexual desire and performance as nature taking its course. People live in sex-less marriages.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

‘7 out of 10 women who complain of decreased sexual interest have hormone imbalances’ (source: A4M Orlando 2012 Conference, Sanjay Kapur, Ph.D.). By  balancing your hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, and cortisol), and increasing nitric oxide, and improving nutrient deficiencies (such as carnitine and the amino acid histidine) we can improve your sex drive and performance.

There are 4 major hormones involved with increased sexual activity and orgasm: Oxytocin, MSH-derived melanotan II, Testosterone, and Estradiol. As mentioned above, the amino acid histidine, which makes histamine, helps to make orgasms more intense. In woman, higher testosterone levels lead to better orgasmic capacity with their partner. Erectile dysfunction (ED)  video: click here

Chronic stress influences cortisol. If cortisol is too high (you are chronically stressed out) you will not be in the mood for having sex. Stress also decreases DHEA and thus, kills the desire for sex. Therefore, less stress equals better sex. Good cortisol control is vital for good sex as well as adequate restorative sleep, good nutrition and positive thoughts and taking care of yourself are also helpful. The herb Corydeps is an adaptogen and helps with adrenal stress, but also has been shown to increase sexual vitality in both men and women.  Be sensitive and notice your body. Mindfulness and focused attention are very helpful to increase sexual responsiveness (Read: Jon Kabat-Zinn–‘ Full Catastrophy Living’, to learn mindfulness) as is treating Attention Defecit Disorder (ADD). Get into your body– have good hygene, use fragrance, pay attention to all of your senses to increase oxytocin. Have sexy thoughts to make you feel more sexy (doesn’t work if you are on birth control pills). Exercise increases makes you feel better, and burst training helps for sex (increases release of testosterone).  Have a good self image improves sexyness. Increasing dopamine (with amino acid therapy) increases sexual energy, and allows you to implement thoughts into action.   Balancing hormones allows you to become your best self. If you wish to schedule an appointment to discuss this further kindly call us for an appointment.  We simply ask that you fill out the Initial History Form, Adrenal Fatigue Form (for chronic stress, if you have been experiencing chronic stress) and the Sexual Enhancement: Oxytocin Deficiency Form, and bring them in with you to your consultation.

Having sex can  be considered patriotic. In fact, the harmony of the National Anthem of the United States of America was purloined from The Anacreontic Song, a British drinking song penned in 1771, by Ralph Tomlinson, Esquire, and composed by John Stafford Smith. It was routinely sung at the Crown & Anchor Tavern in the Strand. The song reflects values of Anacreon, a Greek erotic poet (around 570 BC) who clebrated women, wine and song. The Anacreontic song has erotic lyrics, such as, “And besides I’ll instruct you, like me, to intwine, the Myrle of Venus with Baccus’s Vine.” The Myrtle of Venus is an old euphemism for female genitals, and Baccus’s vine, male genitals. Hear song.

An orgasm a day, keeps you young for many reasons: read this

Medical breakthroughs, healing power of sex view this.

Now Offering: Oxytocin Therapy & Peptide Therapy

See Dr. Thierry Hertoghe’s video about Oxytocin. See video.

See Dr. Jorge Fletchas’s video about Oxytocin. See video.  Another excellent video by Dr. Fletchas about Oxytocin: See video.

Simply stated, Oxytocin allows a woman to have stronger and more frequent orgasms. It helps bond a woman to her lover, and increases trust, and closeness. At the time of orgasm, oxytocin levels climb approximately 365%. Oxytocin is, ‘The smile hormone’. It improves all levels of sexuality.

When you give a hormone, the organ typically makes less of that hormone. With Oxytocin (considered a neurotransmitter), when you give Oxytocin the body makes more oxytocin (there is a surge effect in other tissues where Oxytocin is made, eg, in the retina, pituitary, ovary, testes, adrenals, prostate, and placenta).

Sexual drive is controlled by DHEA produced in the adrenal glands. That is why being stress resilient is important because if your DHEA levels are low there will be minimal sex drive. Oxytocin controls orgasmic function. The name Oxytocin means “quick birth”, and people generally learn about this substance during the course child birth in the delivery room.

Oxytocin controls the receptivity for sex and should produce an orgasm within an hour and multiple orgasms in three hours after Oxytocin therapy is given.

Oxytocin modulates pain coming from the body to the brain. It helps knockout the pain of fibromyalgia. An orgasm allows for a decrease in pain for several hours.

Oxytocin helps to control peripheral circulation. If a person looks pasty white and has cold hands and feet and are cold all the time, they may also be, “cold in bed”, ie, have orgasmic dysfunction. In this case you may be dealing with Oxytocin deficiency or thyroid hormone deficiency.

Oxytocin also increases milk ejection and also affects the muscles that increase orgasm for men and women.

Manipulation or distention of the female genital tract artificially is a strong stimulus to cause release of oxytocin from the brain as does suckling.

Source: Jorge Fletchas, MD, lecture on Oxytocin, Dec 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada, A4M annual conference.

Increasing Nitric Oxide with Neo-40(R), can help with erections and lower blood pressure. This clinically proven lozenge can be useful to enhance sexual functioning because it increases nitric oxide which is involved in the process of erections. For patients using medicines called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s), this product is essential.

Beyond increasing nitric oxide, oxytocin, MSH, Tesosterone/DHT, DHEA, Growth Hormone (really a ‘Repair Hormone’ after age 18), which are quite helpful in preventing or reversing erectile dysfunction, other aspects need to be considered. For example,   if a man has a history of varicose veins in his legs, they can also occur in the scrotum.  Erectile Dysfunction is a bell-weather, or a canary in the coal mine, as coronary artery disease will eventually presence itself in just a few years. Many medicines, especially those in the classes of medicines known as  Statins and Beta blockers, typically lead to erectile dsyfunction.

Peptide therapy: Melanotan II works through the melanocortin system (via melanocortin 4 receptor in the hypothalamus), and has been show to influence tanning and sexual desire rather naturally.  Unlike other sexual enhancement products, this peptide works in the brain. This works for both men and women. Men who are unable to achieve erections with Cialis, Viagra products (PDE5 inhibitors) using Melanotan II or PT-141 show erections within minutes in 80% of males. Side effects are flushing, nausea, GI upset (based upon dosing) are more prevalent in Melanotan II (rarely seen in PT-141).

PT-141, or Bremelanotide, is a synthetic, central melanocortin receptor agonist that increases alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) in the body. It has the reported ability to aid in sexual experiences for men and women. Improvements in erection responses in men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction as well as improvement in both arousal and subjective excitement in permenopausal women with Female Sexual Dysfunction are reported when using bremelanotide.

PT-141 works on the CNS, thus eliciting a more desirous sexual response. Of the 5 melanocortin receptors (1-5), PT-141 has the highest affinity for melanocortin receptor 4 (MC4R). MC4R stimulation contributes to improved sexual function in both men (by improving penile erections) and women (increasing desire and arousal). ‘ Source:  International Peptide Society website.

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improve sexual desire, sexual interestAllana Pratt is the Author of How To Be And Stay Sexy, The Missing Handbook to Motherhood and for men, Get Her To Say Yes. An Intimacy Expert on CBS, TLC & FOX, she’s a columnist for eHarmony and People Magazine reported Allana was the first person Leeza Gibbons called for coaching when she signed on with Dancing with the Stars. Allana helps relationships thrive and families flourish through healthy fulfilling Intimate Relationships with Self, Source and Beloved.

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