ADD and ADHD – Solutions for Children can play a pivotal role in assisting your child to reach his or her academic potential during childhood, and even to precondition them for success before birth (see Preconception Medicine section).

Solutions for Children
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Children’s Health

By utilizing a host of specialized testing we create a personalized care plan, developed with the assistance of both the parent and the child, with the aim of boosting your child’s health and ability to achieve their academic potential. We can also incorporate The Brain Spa® which utilizes state-of-the-art Neurofeedback Training (EEG Biofeedback) * to foster focused attention.  Dr. Bieley has many of the tools to help you get started and help get your child started in the right direction regarding: methylation issues, toxicity issues (toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and more), gut issues (we use comprehensive diagnostic stool testing), fatty acids imbalances, amino acids imbalances, and overall nutrition issues. We suggest avoiding genetically modified organism (GMO) foods: Watch video.

Nutritional Solutions for Asthma and Autism Spectral Disorder

We offer nutritional solutions for asthma. Nutritional supplements can assist in lowering the need for medication in the treatment of asthma. Injections of Vitamin B-12 and providing adequate Magnesium can play a role in the relaxation of smooth muscle and help decrease wheezing. Children also need to be off all dairy products, and may need stomach acid supplementation such as betaine hydrochloride as well. Other nutritional supplements such as probiotics (beneficial gut organisms) can also be used to improve symptoms.

It has been said that in ten years, ie, in the year 2025, one in two children born in the United States will be born with Austism Spectral Disorder. Dr. Bieley agrees with the new definition of  Autism: ‘a redox methylation disorder’.  The oxidative stress is the initiating event that places a heavy burden on the SNP’s that might be present. Oxidative stress magnifies these SNP’s and moves them in the direction of pathology. For Autism Spectral Disorder patients we offer comprehensive evaluation for gut issues, toxic heavy metals,  fatty acids evaluations, high-end nutrition evaluations, and gene testing for methylation and other issues,  IV therapies, and will work with you to help your child reach their highest potential. This is a marathon, not a sprit in the effort to help your autistic child function better. Detoxification. Who needs it? Everyone! We test for toxic heavy metals and environmental toxins. Improving phase I and phase II detoxification, in addition to targeted treatments, helps your body function better. There are 3 phases of detoxification: Phase I (oxidative activation), Phase II (conjugation), Phase III (unidirectional excretion). Testing is done to see where the problems occur followed by targeted treatments.

Autism and Oxytocin deficiency: View Here  A great lecture about oxytocin and autism by Jorge Fletchas, MD. View Here Autism may be due, in part, to an enzyme deficiency that doesn’t properly make melatonin or oxytocin.

Autism and Vitamin D3 association:  View Here

Why does my child have ADD / ADHD?

It’s easy to put a child on medication for their ADD / ADHD without ever inquiring into the underlying cause or causes that drives a child to distraction. It takes time and energy to discover the underlying cause or causes and then institute the appropriate remedies.

Dyslexia and ADD/ADHD doctor Harold Levinson’s videos for parents will help you give meaning and hope for your children :  View HereView Here , View Here

Asperger’s and Autism: View Dr. Levinson’s discussion: View Here

It’s a puzzle to figure out what drives a child to distraction.

  • Is it nutrient depletion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and/or fatty acids?
  • Are foods (or foods that contain gluten, wheat germ agglutinin, gliadin, or casein), molds, or environmental sensitivities the issue? Read this.  For only the cost of food, consider trying a 90 day gluten-free diet (it must be 100% gluten-free). That means ALL grains must be eliminated. View video here to learn about leaky gut. Notice if your child’s behavior, mood, and mental sharpness improve. If so, you are on the right track! Whether gluten-sensitive, intolerance, or celiac disease, gluten can affect your child’s brain, liver, skin, intestines and more. Gluten problems are quite common and there are other causes as well that drive a child to distraction. Elimination of wheat can: cause weight loss, reduce appetite, reduce blood sugar, reduce joint pain, reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, increase HDL, reduce small particle LDL, increase energy, improve sleep, decrease acid reflux and improve irritable bowel syndrome. Source: NY Times best seller, “Wheat Belly”, by William Davis, MD.  We offer food sensitivity testing or testing for Cyrex labs (related to gluten/gliadin/wheat germ agglutinin and more; as well as foods that cross react with gluten). Bottom line: get your child off the gluten and feed them more  (pesticide-free) vegetables (see for the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables that have high pesticide content).
  • Are toxic heavy metals or environmental toxins (like bis-phenol A) the issue? See link to learn more about environmetal toxins and endocrine disruptors and how they can adversely affect your children. View link here.
  • Abnormal gut flora (usually secondary to antibiotic therapies) the issue?
  • Are there genetic influences?
  • Are there electro-sensitive, electro-hypersensitivity or electro-allergic issues (such as ADHD, sleep disruption, cognitive impairment, tingling of the hands, headaches, spinning sensation) ? If so, children should be put in a low EMF environment. Limit cell phone use. Do not allow children to hold the cell phone up to their ear, and discard the wireless home phone. A safe distrance from a turned on microwave oven is 30 feet. Purchase a Gauss meter to confirm this for yourself. No laptops computers on laps.
  • If there is family turmoil or divorce, a child’s lack of focus is understandable.
  • Is it a combination of factors?
  • Red Dye #40 (and other artificial colors) are bad for your brain: Read this. 

We evaluate these parameters and make individualized recommendations for your child’s optimal health.

Why is my child obese?

Obesity, diabetes and heart disease can start in youth. Let’s stop it now. Now is the time to act!

“Sugar-The Bitter Truth”. Fructose increases blood pressure, inflammation, and fat! Lecture by Robert Lustig, MD, UCSF School of Medicine on the science of how this occurs (Watch Video.) On the lookout for food labels that say; Fructose or High Fructose Corn syrup. See metabolic dangers of high fructose corn syrup. (Read More) Your brain on sugar: Watch Video.

We now we find evidence of mercury (a potent neurotoxin) contamination in high fructose corn syrup during the manufacturing process. Also, the manufactures are now rebranding calling high fructose corn syrup as ‘Corn Sugar’ . Read More.

The book, ‘Pure, White and Deadly’, published in 1972, by John Yudkin tells you the facts about sugar. This man was a prophet. Everything in this book is true! Unfortunately, this book is out of print and costs in excess of $100 (and as high as $350 on E-Bay)! This book discusses sugar as a source for heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

Chemicals linked to obesity and diabetes in children. Read More. We offer testing and treatment. Call today for your appointment.

Lifestyle Interventions:

  1. Get rid of all sugar flavored-liquids (drink water only).
  2. Eat carbohydrates with fiber.
  3. Wait 20 minutes for second portions.
  4. Avoid Aspartame. Watch Sugar Misery.
  5. Buy your ‘screen time’, minute for minute, with physical activity.
Persistent Bed Wetting an issue?  Bed wetting in children is normal, to a degree.   Have you been told your child just has delayed neurologic development?Your child may have methylation issues. Methylation (gene) testing and treatment can help. Delayed neurologic development is an important clue that your child has a methylation issue. After all, methylation plays a critical  role in the creation of myelin, which acts as insulation for nerves. In fact, if you are a biologic parent of a persistent bed wetter, you should also have this testing for yourself (because if you have a methylation issue, treatment is simple and important).


  • Childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years from 6.5% of kids 6-12 years old in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008.
  • From the Centers for Disease Control – 1 in 3 children will develop type II diabetes unless changes occur.
  • Only ONE sugary drink a day is associated with type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome. August 2010, Diabetes Care
  • Healthier Fruits and Vegetables: see the Environmental Working Groups 2010 list of the safest along with the ‘dirty dozen’. Interesting video from Andrew Weil, MD
  • Celiac disease now affects 1 in 133 children. New testing for celiac and more information in the Helpful Links section.
  • Gluten sensitive, or Celiac disease? To learn about our current state of understanding:  View video.
  • Gluten sensitivity has been linked to approximately 190 medical conditions. Celiac disease is at one end of the spectrum while gluten sensitivity affects tissues outside of the gastrointestinal tract. Gluten has been shown to contribute to or cause the following: skeletal muscular conditions (muscle pain and wasting, joint pain, myopathy, osteoporosis; neurologic conditions (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADD, epilepsy, neuropathy);   Autoimmune conditions (RA, Lupus, Addisons, Celiac, Diabetes type I); Dermatologic diseases (eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, dermatitis herpetiformis); Gastrointestinal disorders (IBS, GERD, intestinal migraines). Here is a link to learn more: . Add one more to the list: endocrine disruptor (increases prolactin): View here.
  • Radiation information. View link.
  • LOWEST SAR level cell phones. Lowest is safest! View here. 
  • Cannibis and the teenage brain: View here. 

Nutritional Supplements:

  • Ordering nutritional supplements is simple! Parents can go to our nutritional supplements section and order directly from high quality nutritional companies. We can also create and customize nutritional supplements so that your child will receive exactly what their body needs to be well and function at its best.