Solutions for Men

Men's Health

We speak in easy to understand language, not in ‘technical noise’. We are attuned to men’s issues, and we look at the full spectrum of hormones. We can help you lower your cholesterol without a prescription medicine. If you have diabetes we can offer you new treatment options. We can help you have a better memory, mood, and energy. We can help you regain your mental acumen and physical ‘edge’, improve your sexual functioning, be more stress resilient, and have better self esteem. 

We offer gene testing for complete methylation pathways, as well as consultations and treatments on varient reports, ie, gene testing such as from 23 and Me. We also offer gene testing to help prevent heart disease, stroke, and drug interactions. Nitric oxide (NO) becomes depleted over time and supplementation can help with high blood pressure, CAD, and erectile dysfunction. See video.  

If you suffer from the untoward side effects of Propecia, called the Post Finasteride Syndrome, we may be able to help you function better.  We have new treatments that may be helpful. We are attuned to this issue and to the silent suffering that many people experience. 

Sexual Health

ounger men require a more comprehensive evaluation that also takes into account their reproductive plans. With testosterone deficiencies think of:

  1. A pervasive sense of fatigue – you feel tired all day!
  2. Losing mental and/or physical ‘edge’
  3. ‘Couch potato’ after 5pm
  4. Work outs do not produce the results of the past
  5. Aches and pains (particularly in the neck and shoulders)
  6. Sexual functioning decreased- unable to obtain or maintain erections, less ejaculate, etc…
  7. Loss of self-confidence
  8. Poor sleep
  9. Less focused thinking
  10. Depression
We can raise low testosterone levels by supplying your body with testosterone, or by using HCG, or Clomiphene. We take into account your reproductive plans, your preference of treatment, and your physiology.
 In the news: some bad press has come out about testosterone replacement therapy. The studies are flawed. Here is a ‘White Paper’ from Pamela Smith, MD, MPH, Director of the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and the Masters’ Program in metabolic and nutritional medicine who discusses the problems with these studies and about the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. View here.  As a result of these flawed studies, other doctors may stop prescribing testosterone to their patients, depriving them of the benefits that testosterone replacement therapy offers. It is unfortunate, as these studies are confusing both physicians and patients. 

Peptide Therapies

BPC-157: We can help you heal faster from injury to bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, brain, teeth, intestine, cornea with cell signalling compound BPC-157. This peptide responds specific to injury. 


Deep (of Delta) Sleep Inducing Peptide (DSLP): This peptide not only helps regulate sleep, but is neuroprotective, increases glutathione and SOD in the brain which increases oxidative phosphorylation in the brain, and hence, improves LH release which can boost testosterone by 100 to 200 points. Oxidative stress in the brain causes age-associated decrease in testosterone. DSLP improves this process in the brain, where it can also help lower the feeling of stress by lowering ACTH. This peptide has also been shown to decrease alcohol and opioid withdrawal.


Kisspeptin 10: Developed in Hershey, Pennsylvania, home of Hershey kisses.  This peptide increases Testosterone for men with both primary hypogonadism, and men who lose Testosterone from the aging process. This peptide works by increasing the pulse frequency and pulse size of LH. Testosterone levels may rise 100-250 points. It has been shown to be better than HCG for increasing testicular size. There is no feedback inhibition. There is physiologic Growth Hormone release, too. 

Functional Medicine

We have only one rule in anti-aging medicine: don’t die! However, everyone eventually dies. Regarding end of life care, ie, Hospice care,  might seem an incongruous conversation for an anti-aging and functional medicine practice, but I want people to know that this part of your life, ie, towards the end of life counts and has meaning. I present Geoff Galbraith, MD, former director of Hospice in Hawaii, who expresses the work of hospice in an exceptional way.  Dr. Galbraith: Watch video.

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PDE5 inhibitors, testosterone, diabetes and Cardiovascular disease. View here to see tremendous decrease in mortality. Articles provided by Eugene Shippen, MD.

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