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Can you handle the changes in the seasons of your life? Women are the most overstressed people in the world. 

Women often balance jobs and raising children, all the while finding time to tend to household duties and squeeze in time for the gym. That’s enough to break anyone. Their adrenals are shot. Their amino acid pools, nutrients, and hormones are low from the work outs, and stress of ‘modern life’.

We speak in easy to understand language, not in “technical noise.” We address many common complaints that women have such as:

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • irritable/ mood changes
  • low energy
  • weight gain
  • not sleeping throughout the night
  • vaginal dryness (we now offer a vaginal pill to increase lubrication as well as more commonly known treatments to reverse this common and easily treated problem)
  • low or no libido (sexual desire)
  • decreased strength of orgasm (ask us about oxytocin treatments)
  • more forgetful
  • chronic stress (that can lead to adrenal fatigue)
  • PMS symptoms
  • menopausal symptoms
  • fibromyalgia
  • bone loss, and much more!

We use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and often use of a compounding pharmacy. The use of a compounding pharmacy allows for tailoring of the dosage of medicine that is optimal for you. Estrogen is vital for preservation of brain function and to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease: Read Article. 

We can help you lower your cholesterol without a prescription medicine. If you have diabetes we can offer you new treatment options. Trouble sleeping? Chronic stress? We can help.

We can help you heal faster from injury to bone, muscle, tendon, nerve, brain, teeth, intestine, cornea with cell signalling compound BPC-157. This responds specific to injury.

Always low in iron and no blood loss source found? It may be from Lead toxicity. We do testing for toxic heavy metals. Lead interfers with the synthesis of heme leading to anemia.

Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia? We offer treatment for this issue, including the use of oxytocin to decrease muscle pain.

Check out Preconception Medicine for those of you who are considering becoming pregnant.

Menopause Symptoms

If  you have PMS symptoms, or if you  are in Menopause, or in Peri-Menopause, and have symptoms, Dr. Bieley can help. The safest way of doing this work is to test you, then treat you, and then retest you with the goal of balancing your hormones and making you symptom free. The Benefits: become stress resilient, improved energy, memory, mobility, mood, vision, hair, skin, sleep, and libido. This leads to a better quality of life.   Menopause can be the best time of a woman’s life if she is hormonally sound (just don’t forget exercise and good nutrition).

It’s not a fun experience to be visited by those, “Seven Dwarfs of Menopause” that Suzanne Somers wrote about: itchy, bitchy, sweaty, bloaty, sleepy, forgetful, and all dried up! 

Women need their hormones and they need them to be properly balanced. Menopause is equivalent to a partial lobotomy for women. Menopause is the loss of an entire hormone system.

I came to see Dr. Bieley after suffering from menopausal-related anxiety and general sleeplessness for 7 years. During those 7 years, I sought out various specialists, including my general practitioner and 3-4 different OB-GYN’s. I was given various RX’s over those years and ended up on clonazepam to ease the anxiety. That was the best they could do. I read with interest all of Suzanne Somer’s books, especially those on hormone imbalance. I subscribed to websites for women suffering from my same “disease”. I decided that if I wanted to cure myself, I needed to be pro-active. And I found Dr. Bieley.
After an initial appointment, Dr. Bieley ordered various urine, saliva and blood testing. He immediately recommended some supplements for me to take and books for me to read. After all of the testing came back, we met a second time. At this appointment I received a supplement and certain lifestyle change recommendations. It appeared that one of my main problems was cortisol-related. After reading a book about adrenal gland function, I realized that most medical doctors are not trained in cortisol-related symptoms unless severe; many general problems related to sleeplessness, weight gain and anxiety never get resolved at a traditionally-trained doctor’s office.
In approximately 3 months, I was sleeping through the night and my anxiety had all but disappeared! While I knew that menopausal hormone balance existed, I frankly couldn’t believe that supplements and some minor lifestyle changes could change my entire outlook on life. But they have, and I am living testimony of this.
Thank you Dr. Bieley, you have changed my life
Solutions for Women
Lori Anderson

Genetic Testing

Concerned with breast cancer? We offer Estrogen Metabolism Gene Testing and Methylation (MTHFR) Gene Testing to every woman prior to starting any hormone therapy. If you are at risk for breast cancer we can guide you with nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes to create a ‘metabolic workaround’ so that you avoid getting breast cancer (see Gene testing section). Approximately 85-90% of the breast cancers are environmentally influenced and can be prevented through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and detoxification.    We offer environmental toxins testing as pesticides have been linked to breast cancer. 

We offer nutritional testing as low levels of CoQ-10 have been associated with a several hundred fold increase in the rate of breast cancer.  Interestingly, a type of Vitamin E called tocotrienols, the annatto form of  mixed delta/gamma tocotrienols is best,  has been shown to raise CoQ-10 levels and  decrease the risk for many cancers including breast cancer. (Source: lecture by Barry Tan, Ph.D,  A4M conference, Las Vegas, 2012).