Dr. Bieley is an unbelievably caring and attentive physician

Dr. Bieley is an unbelievably caring and attentive physician. He takes all the time necessary to fully address your complete life health profile. For years as a young child I assisted my father, a dentist, by making dental fillings for his patients.

Because of this work, I was exposed to excessively high levels of mercury. It was Dr. Bieley’s testing that finally provided answers to the question of why I felt so sick. The tests showed that my heavy metal levels were three times that of a normal person. Literally, it was a wonder that I was alive. It’s no stretch to say that Dr. Bieley saved my life. For the first time in a long time my symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are at bay. I don’t know when I’ve felt better.

An important component of Dr. Bieley’s approach is the series of forms he used to question me about my present medical condition, my life and past experiences. The combination of testing and a thorough biography of my medical care and health were his initial keys to success. Dr. Bieley is incredibly tenacious and sincere. From the very first meeting, he gives you hope. Anyone facing a similar situation would do well to see Dr. Bieley. He practices amazing, customized medicine.