Weight Loss and Hormone Balancing

You’ve done all you can-tried the latest diets that your friends swear by, and read popular books – and you just cannot achieve weight loss! You wonder: Why am I not losing weight? Why is weight loss not happening? So, with an open mind and high hopes, you keep looking for ‘the way’. The one thing we have forgotten is this: we can achieve weight loss through pleasure instead of suffering!

An ounce of prevention is worth tons of cure. Here is Robert Lustig, MD’s  lecture, ‘Sugar, the bitter truth’. View here.

We offer a five-tiered approach.

First and foremost: balance your hormones. Testosterone helps remove superficial fat. Growth Hormone helps remove both visceral (deep) fat and retroperitoneal fat.  However, this is just the start.  As you know, achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss is not so easy. Other factors may be involved such as: food sensitivities, allergies and addictions; neurotransmitter deficiencies, the need for detoxification, reduction of inflammation, sleep deprivation, yeast issues,  the need for effective exercise and other issues that play roles in weight loss.  Each of us has different needs. The aim of our work is for you to succeed in weight loss and having a healthy, toned, slender body.

Second: we offer the Pathway Fit gene testing that determines which kind of diet works best for you (recommendations are individualized and customized) and which kind of exercise program will work best for you to achieve weight loss. The strength of the science for the recommendations is also rated. For example, a 4-star **** gene rating means that there have been over 2,000 people in a study that has been replicated at least once, a 3-star *** gene rating means that a study with at least 400 people has been done that may or may not have been replicated, etc…  The genes not only relate to metabolism but also those that showcase exercise, eating behaviors and other components that can disrupt and sabotage weight loss.  Some of us are, ‘hard-wired to fail’ at diets because we do not have this valuable information that keeps us stuck and prevents us from realizing our weight-loss goals. Knowing the best diet and best exercise program for weight loss based upon your genes gives you the information you need to know to now realize your weight-loss goals.

Here is, “Think you’re weigh thin”, by JJ Virgin. Listen to a fantastic audio that JJ has put together for 20 tips for weight loss. Implement your favorite two or three and start doing them TODAY! Listen to audio.

Third:  detoxification to remove xenoestrogens from the body which prevent you from losing weight (see Gene Testing and Other Testing section for more information about xenoestrogens). Lose the wheat, lose the weight, says New York Times bestselling author Dr. Davis in his book, ‘Wheat Belly’. Dr. Davis states that glidain and wheat germ aglutinin (found in wheat) are toxic to all human beings. Watch video.

Fourth: peptide therapy. The peptide AOD,  which stands for Anti-Obesity Drug, is really a peptide and is a fragment of amino acids found within growth hormone. This peptide plays a role in weight reduction seen in growth hormone. Growth hormone causes reduction of fat in the deep fat and retroperitoneal fat, whereas Testosterone causes a reduction in superficial fat. AOD can be combined with growth hormone releasing hormones (GHRH’s) and growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP’s). Success is significantly augmented by exercising or fasting. See section on Peptide Therapies for more information.

Finally, the fun and pleasure part: weight loss as a function of pleasure. Do you feel like you are, ‘Stuck in a rut of sitting on your butt’? as Theresa Stevens is often quoted asking. Lose weight by dancing! Theresa further says, “As you love your body, your body will naturally become the body you love.’  To view and to purchase Theresa’s program: Watch video