Your Brain is Your Most Important Asset

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June 19, Juno Beach, FL- As part of a Community Networking event to promote pro-active health management, Floridian Community Bank sponsored a talk on Brain Fitness and Executive Stress Management by Harlan C. Bieley, M.D., of the Healthy Living and Longevity Medical Center last week at their branch office in Juno Beach. “Its part of the bank’s commitment to offer highly personalized customer-focused services”, said branch manager Teresa Flynn. “Dr. Bieley’s talk was well received by our clients.”

“Exciting, interesting, useful” were some of the comments by attendees. “It is a vital part of our quest for a healthy lifestyle, and helps us to achieve our peak performance. The brain fitness exercises provided by Dr. Bieley are particularly helpful and very much appreciated,” commented Irma Carol Tybuszynski, a participant at the presentation.

“Your brain is your most important asset”, said Dr. Bieley. “This new, cutting edge preventative medicine is all about ‘quality of life’. That means having a body that meets your daily demands, and having a brain that is sharp, alert, and performs at its peak potential. If you are functioning well at work and at leisure and feeling great, your life just becomes better and more enjoyable and your goals become more attainable.”

Dr. Bieley described harmful items that interfere with good brain function as well as what modern medicine can do to promote brain health. Gluten intolerance, as an example, has been shown to increase anxiety and alters regional blood flow in the brain. There is a plethora of mental and physical exercises, foods and nutritional supplements to improve brain fitness. He explained how hormones influence brain function and fitness and told of exciting and powerful new non-drug brain training therapies to improve brain fitness such as neurofeedback training, also known as EEG biofeedback. Neurofeedback training sessions lasting just 30 minutes at a time may increase alertness, attention, and cognitive functioning in general and can be used to treat and relieve stress, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and more. “It is a vital part of an overall treatment plan”, remarked Dr. Bieley.

Dr. Bieley further said, “There are many sensible things that can be done to improve brain fitness. People are hungry for this information and will, if given the information, make good use of it to better their lives. After all, your brain is your most important asset”.

For more information contact, Harlan C. Bieley, MD
(561) 842-7422

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