Children's Health

By utilizing a host of specialized testing we create a personalized care plan, developed with the assistance of both the parent and the child, with the aim of boosting your child’s health and ability to achieve their academic potential. Dr. Bieley has many of the tools to help you get started and help get your child started in the right direction regarding:  methylation issues, toxicity issues (toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and more), gut issues (we use comprehensive diagnostic stool testing), fatty acids imbalances, amino acids imbalances, and overall nutrition issues. We suggest avoiding genetically modified organism (GMO) foods:

Nutritional Solutions for Asthma
and Autism Spectral Disorder

We offer nutritional solutions for asthma. Nutritional supplements can assist in lowering the need for medication in the treatment of asthma. Injections of Vitamin B-12 and providing adequate Magnesium can play a role in the relaxation of smooth muscle and help decrease wheezing. Children also need to be off all dairy products, and may need stomach acid supplementation such as betaine hydrochloride as well. Other nutritional supplements such as probiotics (beneficial gut organisms) can also be used to improve symptoms.

It has been said that in ten years, ie, in the year 2025, one in two children born in the United States will be born with Austism Spectral Disorder. Dr. Bieley agrees with the new definition of Autism: ‘a redox methylation disorder’. The oxidative stress is the initiating event that places a heavy burden on the SNP’s that might be present. Oxidative stress magnifies these SNP’s and moves them in the direction of pathology.

This list of genes may not be a complete list of genes to be tested prior to vaccinations to insure parents that their child/children will not have an untoward reaction from the vaccine or any of its constituents. There may be additional genes or other illnesses that predispose a child to a untoward reaction from the vaccine. Parents should consult their Pediatrician for any additional testing. The SHANK3 deletion genes are to be tested in the Parents.

For Autism Spectral Disorder patients we offer comprehensive evaluation for gut issues, toxic heavy metals, fatty acids evaluations, high-end nutrition evaluations, and gene testing for methylation and other issues, IV therapies, and will work with you to help your child reach their highest potential. This is a marathon, not a sprit in the effort to help your autistic child function better. Detoxification. Who needs it? Everyone! We test for toxic heavy metals and environmental toxins. Improving phase I and phase II detoxification, in addition to targeted treatments, helps your body function better. There are 3 phases of  detoxification: Phase I (oxidative activation), Phase II (conjugation), Phase III (unidirectional excretion). Testing is done to see where the problems occur followed by targeted treatments.

Why does
my child have ADD /

It’s easy to put a child on medication for their ADD / ADHD without ever inquiring into the underlying cause or causes that drives a child to distraction. It takes time and energy to discover the underlying cause or causes and then institute the appropriate remedies.

Dyslexia and ADD/ADHD doctor Harold Levinson’s videos for parents will help you give  eaning and hope for your children :

It's a puzzle to figure out what drives a child to

We evaluate these parameters and make individualized
recommendations for your child’s optimal health.

Why is my child obese?

Obesity, diabetes and heart  disease can start in youth. Let’s stop it now. Now is the time to act!

Lifestyle Interventions

Children's Health
Children's Health
Children's Health

Get rid of all sugar
(drink water only)

Eat carbohydrates
with fiber

Wait 20 minutes for 
second portions

Children's Health
Children's Health

Avoid aspartame
(watch Sugar Misery)

Buy your ‘screen time’,
minute for minute,
with physical activity

Persistent Bed
Wetting an Issue?

Bed wetting in children is normal, to a degree. Have you been told
your child just has delayed neurologic development?Your child may
have methylation issues. Methylation (gene) testing and treatment
can help. Delayed neurologic development is an important clue that
your child has a methylation issue. After all, methylation plays a
critical role in the creation of myelin, which acts as insulation for
nerves. In fact, if you are a biologic parent of a persistent bed
wetter, you should also have this testing for yourself (because if you
have a methylation issue, treatment is simple and important).


Nutritional Supplements

Ordering nutritional supplements is simple! Parents can go to our nutritional supplements section and order directly from high quality nutritional companies. We can also create and customize nutritional supplements so that your child will receive exactly what their body needs to be well and function at its best.